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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Getting Google to index more than a page

Getting Google to Index – the basics

Frequently I come across those who encounter either a perceived delay or other problem in getting their site into Google’s index. Whilst occasionally some sites don’t show within the index it is more common place to find the site in question already within the index but for whatever reason that it wasn’t being looked for correctly.

Has Google found your site?
There is a very simple way to answer this question – enter your URL into Google’s search box.
(eg: www.yourdomain.whatever)

If your site does feature then it will show up a link to the main page, together with the message –
Google can show you the following information for this URL:

If your site fails to feature the following message will greet you –
Sorry, no information is available for the URL

If Google hasn’t found your site
There is no need for immediate panic! What you need to ensure is that you have a few links coming into your site – you don’t need hundreds, at least not to start with.

Probably the easiest way to achieve this is to enter yourself into some basic, perhaps local, directories. These need not be the paid for kind as what you are aiming for is to bring Googlebot/Google’s spider to your site.
(Take a look at SearchGuild’s directory forum for further inspiration.)
Another option would be to arrange a few reciprocal links with sites that are similar to your own – this is basically where you exchange links with each other.
Do not be under the misconception that you need these links to be from high PR sites/pages – more important is that the sites providing you with the links are themselves regularly crawled.

To keep track or see what Google has indexed from your site enter the following into the search box:
This will bring up the pages of your site that Google has indexed.

If Google doesn’t crawl beyond your homepage
There can be a few reasons for this. However you should at least give Google a little time to do this. The primary things to check if you feel that Google is definitely showing no interest with the rest of your site are:

Put in a site map – site maps list and link to the other pages within your site. Place a link to one from your home page as it should make for smoother indexing.

Title, description & keyword meta tags – it is best to vary at least the meta description tag on each page so as spiders do not confuse pages as being the same. It also assists with the site being found for different phrases within various search engines.

Robots.txt files – make sure you are not inadvertently blocking spiders out of the other pages with a ‘no-follow’. Unless you know what you are doing and have reason to use this type of file then you are better not doing so.

Navigation – check that your pages are user friendly with functioning internal links. You should have some text links from your homepage directed inwards as well as linking from your internal pages back to the homepage and ensure they all work.

Flash & Javascript – keep both to a minimum, especially on your homepage.

Generally Google is fairly swift at picking up on new sites so getting into the index should not prove a problem for most. However, it can take a while for a whole site to be indexed and unreasonable for you to expect whole inclusion virtually overnight! Another common misconception is if it is a case of your site not ranking where you expect it to then this is not the same as ‘not being indexed’.

(First produced for

Do I know what I'm talking about ?

The simple answer to that is YES !
This is of course in relation to search engine optimisation.

It's not mean't to be boastful, although it seems there is many an seo out there who seem to do quite nicely by being just that!, but a conclusion I've come to over time and spurred on by several phone calls taken recently trying to actually flog me such services!!

I now have a built-in bull-shit-o-meter and a few people are still out there trying to flog services that quite frankly stinks!!

My advice,
is if anyone is trying to flog you seo dont be taken in my their over eagerness or long-winded waffle - if you are considering seo as part of your marketing strategy pick the people you want to work with and dont let them pick you !

Are you are feeling pushed into taking space in that online directory or even feel that it's cheap-as chips and you cant afford not to? then take a breather before you immediately say yes.
If the directory looks like a good deal fine, but just bear in mind that the directory needs to have traffic coming to it - if you cant find it under a couple of quick searches then other people are not going to be using it - at least not enough to warrant your hard earned dosh - AND if they are saying that it is optimised then they are obviously telling you porkies already !!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tags stop Serps results showing ODP descriptions

There has been some furore where a search engine will show not a website's description but the description that appears on the ODP listing within its search results.
But Google are now following MSN and will recognise the following tags which will stop this happening and allow your own, I'm sure more apt descriptions, to shine through in the serps.

To direct all search engines that support the meta tag not to use ODP information for the page's description, use the following:
meta content="NOODP" name="ROBOTS"

To direct Google specifically from using this information to describe a page, use the following:
meta content="NOODP" name="GOOGLEBOT"

Note that not all search engines may support this meta tag, so check with each for more information.

Kinderstart vs Google

Ding Ding! round one now appears to be over and lets just say the outcome was pretty predictable.

However, where this revolves around PR's of 0 there would now seem to be a query over whether Google is defaming websites.

In court apparently they state that pagerank is subjective whilst to the public they have been saying that it is objective. If it can be shown that Google manually altered a site there may just be some trouble, albeit perhaps slight given G's representation, on the way.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pay-Pal Re-shuffle

Pay-Pal has been shuffling it deck of playing exec's and president Jeff Jordan has been left out of the game.....

EBay payment policy change

Interesting, apparently EBay used to accept only 'safe' methods of payment.
Their policy terminology seems to have been changed - whilst Google's Checkout is now operating it doesn't feature as an 'accepted' method of payment........wonder why ?!

Google Checkout

So the predicted 'G-Buy' didn't quite emerge as anticipated however Google Checkout is now available........go 'check-out' those participating stores !

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Optimising for Regional Search

A popular query for a lot of people is how to optimise a site for regional search and there also seem to be quite a few opinions on the topic too !

In the UK there is a saying 'don't forget to dot the I's' and across the pond they like to 'cover all the bases' and I think this is perhaps a wise way in which to approach optimisation for specific regions.

So, what do you do when you start a site?
That's right you register a domain - having a regional one would seem to make sense like a or a .au for instance and you might want to consider what details (address) appear on that registration.

Then you need that domain hosted. Ensure that it is hosted in the country/region you are targeting. I know some Canadian's have found their hosting to be US and not actually in Canada as an example - check that your host server is actually where you would expect it to be.

Now we all know that different regions perhaps speak a foreign language (for want of a better phrase) so ensure that you make use of this local dialect and also that your site informs the engines which language your site is actually in eg eng - english, fr - french within your code.
(If your use of the language goes back to only your school text book then best to get 'somebody in' to prepare the copy - it could make the site as you wouldn't want your cousins scratching their heads over poorly phrased text. Worth remembering perhaps is that even english can vary from place to place both in phrase and spelling.)

Ever important is linkage - if you are say a German site, you'd expect perhaps to have links in from other German site now wouldn't you?
Apply the same methods and go for some backlinks from other quality same-region sites.

Keyword/phrase research are key when considering traffic, as language changes so can how people use it to search.

Hope to see you in that regional serps result soon !

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Co citation - good & bad linkage

Co citation is an analytical method originally used to identify interrelationships between authors.

It works like this if A and B are sited by C then A and B are viewed as related. This is even though they dont refer to each other.
If A and B are again cited by others then this indicates a stronger relationship.

Apply this to your linkage and you have an ability to create association/relevancy/authority.

Take a gander at your co citation by looking at those sites listed under 'similar pages'

Bad linkage
Appear on a 'mixed page' that includes links for viagra or blackjack and most likely you would become associated with those other sites that the page links to ie drugs or casinos instead of your particular subject matter.

Good linkage
You appear only on pages linked to your subject matter eg a recognised directory means you have a very strong 'relationship' to your subject as you are only cited for this.

When linking it's worthwhile double checking who else the page links to and whether they are related to your subject.
Remember quality over quantity.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yamanner - worm virus

Users of email with or may be impacted by this new worm categorised as a level 2 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being real bad!, by Symantec)

This worms appears to send email addresses to a remote net server with the possible/probable intention of being used for spam.

As the worm arrives with Javascript Symantec recommended Yahoo customers stop using the service or disable the browser's JavaScript capabilities before reading any Web mail.
technewsworld has the fuller story.

Another Pagerank Patent

There is another PageRank patent update.

This update appears to bring two prior patents together.

Details on how the PageRank patent updated.

(I'm sure you've come across this already Chris - I'd have posted but your server for SearchGuild seems to be busy toasting a sandwich for Gurtie!)

Google still search king

According to Hitwise for the four weeks ending 27th May 2006 the US search share was as follows:

59.3% Google
22% Yahoo
12.1% MSN search

G's brand still appears to be holding strong.

John Scott has a few things to say about Google's Superiority and his V7n about Google's branding strategy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Online Payments the Google Way

Google looks likely to launch its own online payment systems currently dubbed 'GBuy' towards the end of the month.

Consumers will be taken 'off-site' to complete payment and this would enable Google to capture valuable transaction data which could be used to target future searches. If pulled off it could have high impact on search over the longer term.

Will this outdo PayPal and will the new 'trusted' GBuy merchants feature higher within serps are initial queries.

Recycle The Possibilities Are Endless

A new set of TV adverts are currently running in the UK in order to help get people to recycle more waste. All very well and good but the UK's local authorities don't all collect the same things for recycling!

Most areas have the usual bring sites - bottle banks, shoe banks and paper banks but you wont be able to put the same things in your provided recycling bin for collection as your friend a little further up north or your cousin down south. Why not? well it seems to be a money thing. Each local authority has to cough up for refuse collection themselves and this includes the recycling elements, some have more budget than others perhaps!

Why the seemingly sudden urge to recycle more? well a large proportion of UK waste goes to landfill sites and good old Britannia, like most countries, only has a certain amount of land available for this. Oh, almost forgot - there are landfill taxes coming into they can't landfill so much because of another money thing!

Should we be recycling more? absolutely blooming right we should.

No real point in leaving loads of decaying black bags around for the archeaologist of the future now is there!! Why should we be just chucking out materials that can be reused or recycled into something useful? Didn't your gran never tell you 'waste not want not' ?
Do you know there are loads of recycled products available. Take the humble vending cup - you can buy pencils made from recycled vending cups or even keyrings. Tyres are no longer eligible for landfill and so you can now get roofing made from the recycled rubber, roads are being built with it and you can even operate you mouse on a recycled tyre mouse mat. Newspapers well the adverts tell us they are made into well, more newspapers!

What I find a little worrying is this peculiarity with the local authorities, surely if one council can collect and recycle a material then the whole lot could - or maybe they should be made to? - perhaps they too will see the TV campaign and realise that with recycling..... the possibilities are endless!

The Heat Is On !

Christ! it's bloody hot and muggy today.
Having worked in nicely air-conditioned offices for a few years I can now see the benefit and am currently pining for it.

If you are currently in a nice cool office....spare a thought for us who arn't it's hot outside you know!!!