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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Co citation - good & bad linkage

Co citation is an analytical method originally used to identify interrelationships between authors.

It works like this if A and B are sited by C then A and B are viewed as related. This is even though they dont refer to each other.
If A and B are again cited by others then this indicates a stronger relationship.

Apply this to your linkage and you have an ability to create association/relevancy/authority.

Take a gander at your co citation by looking at those sites listed under 'similar pages'

Bad linkage
Appear on a 'mixed page' that includes links for viagra or blackjack and most likely you would become associated with those other sites that the page links to ie drugs or casinos instead of your particular subject matter.

Good linkage
You appear only on pages linked to your subject matter eg a recognised directory means you have a very strong 'relationship' to your subject as you are only cited for this.

When linking it's worthwhile double checking who else the page links to and whether they are related to your subject.
Remember quality over quantity.


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