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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Optimising for Regional Search

A popular query for a lot of people is how to optimise a site for regional search and there also seem to be quite a few opinions on the topic too !

In the UK there is a saying 'don't forget to dot the I's' and across the pond they like to 'cover all the bases' and I think this is perhaps a wise way in which to approach optimisation for specific regions.

So, what do you do when you start a site?
That's right you register a domain - having a regional one would seem to make sense like a or a .au for instance and you might want to consider what details (address) appear on that registration.

Then you need that domain hosted. Ensure that it is hosted in the country/region you are targeting. I know some Canadian's have found their hosting to be US and not actually in Canada as an example - check that your host server is actually where you would expect it to be.

Now we all know that different regions perhaps speak a foreign language (for want of a better phrase) so ensure that you make use of this local dialect and also that your site informs the engines which language your site is actually in eg eng - english, fr - french within your code.
(If your use of the language goes back to only your school text book then best to get 'somebody in' to prepare the copy - it could make the site as you wouldn't want your cousins scratching their heads over poorly phrased text. Worth remembering perhaps is that even english can vary from place to place both in phrase and spelling.)

Ever important is linkage - if you are say a German site, you'd expect perhaps to have links in from other German site now wouldn't you?
Apply the same methods and go for some backlinks from other quality same-region sites.

Keyword/phrase research are key when considering traffic, as language changes so can how people use it to search.

Hope to see you in that regional serps result soon !


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