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Monday, June 12, 2006

Recycle The Possibilities Are Endless

A new set of TV adverts are currently running in the UK in order to help get people to recycle more waste. All very well and good but the UK's local authorities don't all collect the same things for recycling!

Most areas have the usual bring sites - bottle banks, shoe banks and paper banks but you wont be able to put the same things in your provided recycling bin for collection as your friend a little further up north or your cousin down south. Why not? well it seems to be a money thing. Each local authority has to cough up for refuse collection themselves and this includes the recycling elements, some have more budget than others perhaps!

Why the seemingly sudden urge to recycle more? well a large proportion of UK waste goes to landfill sites and good old Britannia, like most countries, only has a certain amount of land available for this. Oh, almost forgot - there are landfill taxes coming into they can't landfill so much because of another money thing!

Should we be recycling more? absolutely blooming right we should.

No real point in leaving loads of decaying black bags around for the archeaologist of the future now is there!! Why should we be just chucking out materials that can be reused or recycled into something useful? Didn't your gran never tell you 'waste not want not' ?
Do you know there are loads of recycled products available. Take the humble vending cup - you can buy pencils made from recycled vending cups or even keyrings. Tyres are no longer eligible for landfill and so you can now get roofing made from the recycled rubber, roads are being built with it and you can even operate you mouse on a recycled tyre mouse mat. Newspapers well the adverts tell us they are made into well, more newspapers!

What I find a little worrying is this peculiarity with the local authorities, surely if one council can collect and recycle a material then the whole lot could - or maybe they should be made to? - perhaps they too will see the TV campaign and realise that with recycling..... the possibilities are endless!


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