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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Do I know what I'm talking about ?

The simple answer to that is YES !
This is of course in relation to search engine optimisation.

It's not mean't to be boastful, although it seems there is many an seo out there who seem to do quite nicely by being just that!, but a conclusion I've come to over time and spurred on by several phone calls taken recently trying to actually flog me such services!!

I now have a built-in bull-shit-o-meter and a few people are still out there trying to flog services that quite frankly stinks!!

My advice,
is if anyone is trying to flog you seo dont be taken in my their over eagerness or long-winded waffle - if you are considering seo as part of your marketing strategy pick the people you want to work with and dont let them pick you !

Are you are feeling pushed into taking space in that online directory or even feel that it's cheap-as chips and you cant afford not to? then take a breather before you immediately say yes.
If the directory looks like a good deal fine, but just bear in mind that the directory needs to have traffic coming to it - if you cant find it under a couple of quick searches then other people are not going to be using it - at least not enough to warrant your hard earned dosh - AND if they are saying that it is optimised then they are obviously telling you porkies already !!


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